You don't have access to the Default Directory org in Teams. Select another org, or contact your adm

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My project is working include microsoft Teams version latest and Microsoft Auze's service Graph API with my account's role team manage on Potal Azure .
I have two Tenant ID : one Default Directory Guest and Default Directory org but currently , when I login microsoft Teams it just only access to Default Directory Guest , I can't switch to Default Directory org because it does not has option , I have to solve how does I can swith to Default directory another ? , Help me !!!!directory.PNG

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Hello @mark2335

Please verify (or let the admin verify) that the user that you are using is a member of both directories. In the 1sr as member and in the 2nd as guest. In the one that you cannot access make sure our user is member of a team. I hope that helps. Good luck

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thanks @Rolf-42 for your support . I contacted with AD , He removed and added Default Directory , again , at that time I worked well between 2 Directory .