Windows Server 2019 Labs - For Learning

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Dear Team,


I am Unable to find Windows server 2019 Labs for learning from download center. only got the ppt. Can any one guide me, where i can get this?


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V Srinivas

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Hi @SrinivasR


You can download 180 day Azure, ISO or VHD from the above.


Hope this helps,

@HidMov Hi, can we get practise session that. ..

@SrinivasR In terms of hosted practice session labs, it would appear you cannot. There used to be some excellent hands-on labs at but it looks like that is now being redirected to the Microsoft Learn page, and I can't find mention of hands-on labs on the site anymore.


I believe there are some third party providers who offer labs as part of their courses, but I've not used them personally. Someone else here might be able to assist?