Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev Channel-Latest update with Build causing frequent restart

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I am having Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev Channel Latest update with Build Pre Release 210123-1645 causing frequent restart and makes my system unstable.


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@RamArumuga  What makes me frustrated is it is an unexpected frequent restart and not able to use the OS with confidence. Always we need to have the fear of system shutdown.


Hi, someone has issues with the HP Officejet Pro 6830 and the usb connection after the update to Windows Pro 10 Insider Preview Build 21301.rs_prerelease.210123-1645 ?
Before this relelease all was functioning and smooth.

After this update I cannot install the printer with the usb cable:

1) with the Hp software alreardy installed, when I conncect the usb cable to the printer the program doesn't recognize the printer (I use the lastest Hp software available on the Hp site and I have also performed the printer firmware update).

2) If I do a fresh installation of the Hp program, when I insert the USB cable, Windows 10 seems to identify the printer, a spinning circle appears, but at the end of the spinning the program shows me a red X and it can't install the printer, without showing a specific error or issue.

Any idea to fix this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

@74lobster  Issue seems to be the USB not supported/recognized by new build. Try uninstall USB in Windows Device Manager. (Issue seems one of the many side kicks of the new build - Devlopers-Team Leaders plz look! )

I mean Uninstall and reinstall USB in Device manager



Thanks for the kindly answer, I removed all the USB ports from Programs and Features and I have re-installed all the USB ports.

Now I must uninstall and re-install the HP suite for my HP 8630 or doesen't matter ?

Once installed the HP suite, when I clicked on HP Officejet Pro 6830 shortcut from the desktop. initially the program asked me if I wanted to use the USB or the wireless version printer, but now that I have installed the app HP Smart, when I click the HP Officejet Pro 6830 shortcut from the desktop it opens directly the printer program suite in USB mode, it doesn't ask me anymore to choose the USB or the wireless version of the HP 6830.

May be becauseI have installed  HP Smart application that manage directy the wireless version of the printer ?

Practically If I wanna use the HP 6830 in wirless mode I can ONLY use the HP Smart application or there is a wai to have also the initial choice of the program that asked me if I wanted to use the USB or the wireless version printer ?

Is it normal or I must uninstall and reinstall the full HP suite for the HP 6830 again ?

Thanks in advance for the anwer and your kindly attention.