Why Not Have Windows EMET with Windows 10 and 11

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Why not make Windows 10/11 more safe and secure by including EMET into their underlying workings.


CERT: Windows 7 with EMET is more secure than Windows 10, so don't retire EMET - Neowin


My understanding is that the underlying structure of Windows 10 was changed around the Fall Creator's Update.  I had a system I was working on but sadly the client had another person update their perfectly good Windows 8.1 system to Windows 10 and sadly she did not inform me.  The Fall Creator's Update completely messed up the system.  It crashed and sadly she did not have her data backed up.  This is why I have a disclaimer form for clients to sign that they have had their data properly backed on locally and/or in the cloud.  If you have EMET it will work with Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise versions with ESU.  (I don't know about the educational version).  It continues to work even though it is technically no longer supported.  There will be no new features for EMET on Windows 7 machines.  There is Windows Defender and Microsoft Technology that is supposed to be superior to EMET but the great questions is whether or not the newer technology is actually indeed better for everyone.


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This board is for discussion for Microsoft Learn and Microsoft certification and there is no one here who answers any product questions so your post will likely go unanswered.
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Sure. It would be nice if the groups were set up more logically like they used to be in the Microsoft Newsgroups. For example, the Windows 98 General Discussion Newsgroup was very friendly, informative and entertaining. It was almost like we all were a 2600 group.  Perhaps Security and Compliance would be the right group but I would like feedback from a Microsoft employee as well if possible.

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I agree MTC members have the right to expect help and actually refer back only I believe it is rude and should not be tolerated – you can report such a response as disapproval
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