What is the process for running a MOC course?




Can someone please point me to the step-by-step process of running a private MOC course within my company? I cant seem to find this anywhere.


I have gone to the Courseware Marketplace and purchased a manual for a student, my order history says its 'complete'.


Now what?


- How do I share the electronic Student Manual with the actual student?

- Does the Student Manual include the AzurePass so that the student has the Azure environment for the MOC labs? If not, how do we go about this step?

- Also, where do I download the instructor electronic manual from?


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@ShimKwan I assume from the way your question is worded that, you are an MCT. In short - MCTs need to work with Learning Partners to deliver courses.  


Microsoft Certified Trainers have access to the Courseware Marketplace for manual copies for their personal use and readiness to deliver courses.  So you cannot share that copy with course delegates.  Only approved Learning Partners can purchase manuals to distribute to students.


If you access MCT Central ( using the log on associated with your MCT/Certification account you will find the link to the Learning Download Center to download the instructor materials.


Labs including Azure passes where appropriate are purchased from authorised lab hosts either via the Courseware marketplace (again only if you are an approved Learning Partner) or direct from the lab host.

Thank you for the clarifications :)