What are the differences between Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio?

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Microsoft recently released Visual Studio Code and I am a little confused about its usage, since Visual Studio sky tv packages has lot of functional similarities with it.

    Update to Jenny's post: The Community editions actually started since VS 2013. (2013 is great free platform for producing get-in-and-out-quick project releases, as unlike 2015 it's stable itself.) Express editions still exist even in 2015, but "express" editions are now aimed as light platforms for individual targets (i.e. choose one of Web or Desktop or W10) rather than the Express 2008/2010 single language (i.e. choose one of c++, c#, vb ...) style. Even then the official Express download site suggests people really should consider Community - why wouldn't you?
    – Rob
    Oct 29, 2016 at 4:08
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    Do we miss out on anything by switching from Visual Studio to VS Code?Sep 22, 2017 at 5:31
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    IMHO, if you are working in Windows environment, you should stop wasting your time on VS Code. This is another thing which is HOT nowadays for nerds and multi-platform users. It is not even close to Visual Studio.
    Dec 27, 2017 at 21:47
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    IMHO, on any platform, you should stop wasting your time on Visual Studio. VS Code is the step in the right direction. VS is totally overloaded, yet I have to install an extension to get a vertical line in my code editor. Bad enough that I need to use the terrible MSVC compiler with VS Code, because so many people don't care about platform independence, which is why Microsoft still has so much power. (Btw. I'm on Windows 10, developing in C++ with VS Code and CMake)
    – Neonit


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@jordanwilliom This is good article that does an in-depth comparison. Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code - In-depth Comparison (2022) (hashnode.com) As a .NET and Cloud Developer personally I use both but for different things. VS Code is good when working with Python or Azure extensions, however for ASP.net and software development in general I will use Visual Studio as it offers more capabilities.