What are the Azure migration tools?

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In the post-pandemic business landscape, remote work challenges, and mixed working solutions have suddenly become the norm and need to be agile and resilient. Organizations that have been stuck on old Windows servers should now be looking ahead to migrate their data to the cloud. Microsoft Azure brings huge cost savings and makes it far easier to embrace remote working, there are many more benefits of moving your data to Azure. Enterprises will be able to innovate in new ways by adopting a cloud operations-based model on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) technology and take an advantage of further opportunities for innovation by leveraging and modernizing with the fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) offering.


Azure Migration Tools Includes:


  • Data migration services- Azure has several PaaS and IaaS options available to host the databases. It will help the organization in the process assessment of the existing databases, recommending clean-up if required, and further, allow the migration. This step is taken before moving the database to the target Azure data services.


  • Azure migration- Azure migration helps in migrating on-premises web applications to the Azure App service. It also helps in migrating the on-premises database to Azure SQL databases. Lift and shift is the preferred migration strategy used by organizations starting their cloud migration journey.


  • Azure Backup and Site Recovery- It is a cloud-based backup solution that can be used in data backup from different on-premises sources. This service is used for data migration purposes for restoring the backup data to its targeted environment in Azure.
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