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Welcome to the official community and blog for Microsoft Learn! Microsoft Learn offers a comprehensive collection of training options that empower technical professionals to learn in a style that fits best, allowing you to advance your technical skills while earning achievements and/or preparing for Microsoft Certifications.


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شكرا مايكروسوفت
Looking forward to a flourishing community view and lots of spirit too.
Looks great !!.

But I have a question in mind , can we post here our new findings related to Azure.?





With Microsoft Learn is there an easy way that I can see who in my organisation is an MIE?

Also like with LinkedIn Leaning you can set learning goals, is this possible within MS Learn?

Hello! The best place to post your new findings related to Azure would be the Azure discussion space: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure/bd-p/Azure

@allisonkraker je suis  très heureuse de faire part à la communauté Microsoft Learn qui me permettra le partage la collaboration et l'apprentissage merci pour ce geste tres  bénéfiques 

Thanks Eric.
Really great.
Looks good, can't wait to see more
Thank you for the great opportunity
نتطلع إلى رؤية مجتمعية مزدهرة والكثير من الروح أيضا.
Looking forward to The Microsoft Learn Community discussion board, learning, growing, and adapting to this ever-changing 4th industrial technology era. thank you to the Microsoft community for all that you do to provide opportunities for people in the community.
Thank you for such an amazing platform for individuals no matter where they are located, can still apply, study, and learn new and exciting technologies, softwares, products, advanced administration, such as dynamic groups, self-service group management, Microsoft Identity Manager, and Cloud users, Single sign-on Azure, Microsoft 365, and many popular SaaS Apps. This Platform gives each individual a chance of being a better version of their self’s every year. Keep up the developmental resources, so opportunities can expand and grow in rural communities. Cheers!
thanks and its great here