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Thank you
Thank you!
I use the Tech Community a lot - and putting this here is such a great idea. Thanks very much @allisonkraker and team for moving this forward!
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I'd like to have a degree in IT. 
I'm Brazilian with 33years old, living Lisbon for 14ears, I have double nationality. I'm saying it cause in Europe there some internships my citizenship is just available just in Europe. Here in Portugal, even public university is payable. I don't have money to survive and pay for my studies.

As I saw Microsoft just offer an internship for someone who already has a degree.
Do you know tell me if these short courses are offered by Microsoft learn can be available for one degree?

Thank you so much for your attention

Best regards
Jamir Júnior

Microsoft Learn is an essential place for me to study when learning new concepts and preparing for an exam. Glad to be apart of the community!


With Compliments, @allisonkraker 


I had taken and passed the course DAT207x: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI hosted and led by Microsoft personnel on edX. A certificate signed by Mr. Nadella et al was issued to me in August 2019. Hoping, most sincerely, that this is the right platform to ask the question, is the certificate a recognized competency achievement and does it contribute to my being recognized for any of the certifications that Microsoft requires and recognizes for advancing partners?


Thank you.

super!!! bonne idées et bon produits.@allisonkraker 

I just want to Thank You for letting me join this Microsoft Learn community.

Thank you for letting me join this Microsoft Learn community.

I would like to ask if it is possible to get a certificate of  completion a (module, path, or course) such as what we used to receive in Microsoft Virtual Academy.





Looks interesting. I can't wait to continue forward.  

@Elsaeed Thank you so much.