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Welcome to the official community and blog for Microsoft Learn! Microsoft Learn offers a comprehensive collection of training options that empower technical professionals to learn in a style that fits best, allowing you to advance your technical skills while earning achievements and/or preparing for Microsoft Certifications.


Join us for updates on training and certification news as well as conversation with the community around learning, training, and certification!


This is not the appropriate place for product questions. Do you have questions about Microsoft Teams, Excel, AzureWindows 10, or another product? Check out our list of communities and you're bound to find the appropriate community to ask your question. 


This is also not the place for certification support. Please contact Certification Support if you are having issues with registering for an exam, profile issues, missing certification etc.


If you're looking to ask a question or start a conversation about Microsoft Learn, which paths to take, what certification to explore next, you're in the right place! Ask away.

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Looks great.
Looking forward to a flourishing community view and lots of spirit too.

Love the new look and the functionality! Can't wait to use this regularly!

I use the Tech Community a lot - and putting this here is such a great idea. Thanks very much @allisonkraker and team for moving this forward! Best, Chris

@allisonkraker Looks great! Waiting for the full integration next week! :)

Looks good, can't wait to see more

Looks good, Allison. I look forward to the continued collaboration for MCT's with the community.
Good too see Learn here and so many of my fellow MCTs already joining in :)

Thanks @Christopher Hoard, we would love your feedback as we move forward!

Hi @allisonkraker good to see you around and also to have hear you this morning at MCT Town Hall. Hope you fil good and every thing is Ok for you and your family.

By the way that seems to be very interesting

Thanks Allison for making this happen! We love the Microsoft Tech Community and we love Microsoft Learn!
I knew you'd be a big fan of this Chris! :)

It is great to be here. I hope we will have exciting stuff  and good discussions on this community:beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: @allisonkraker 

Thanks @allisonkraker and Microsoft Learning!

Looking forward to this new home for MCTs and Microsoft Learn community!

@allisonkrakerThe site looks excellent - good to have it.  Thinking about something for our user community - will the new Learning Guide being released soon have something similar for non-Techies?  I'm missing an in-between learning community - the 'business' people who want to learn re: Teams (Advanced), Analytics/BI (basic to advanced), Automate (basic to advanced), etc to move a step up from what is the 'basic' adoption type training, but not quite the coding/technical training for IT prof's... I can't be the only person who has a community of people who want to have more advanced training but which the IT Tech training is too Techy/Admin permissions focussed - the true 'citizen developers'/just starting the advanced 365 integration path people...  maybe it's just me who hasn't found the right place with lots of small videos'/pathways for this community yet - entirely possible! 

@allisonkraker This is awesome! Congratulations on this launch! Warms my heart!
Finally, we have a Microsoft Learn Community. From the starting days of my professional carrier, I have seen MS efforts to make sure they provide an adequate learning opportunity for their product and technologies and they are putting continuous efforts in doing so. We had different learning platforms available from MS, but Microsoft Learn combines everything under a single umbrella, which is wonderful I guess. I personally want to express my gratitude towards Microsoft via this community for giving an opportunity to everyone to learn and advance their skills.

Love this!! I have been looking for something like this to ask questions and share ideas. @allisonkraker