VM Lab work - 'Your connection isn't private' issue?

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had the problem when in the virtual machine environment and trying to log in to D365 the browser comes up with the warning that "Your connection isn't private" and it won't go any further? It looks to be the the security certificate is out of date.


As it's a virtual machine there's nothing I can do so was wondering if anyone else had had this and found a solution.


Cheers folks!

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Can you provide the URL of the Learn module where this is happening?

Hi @Julian Sharp , thank you for replying!


Within the VM it's:

<a href="https://usnconeboxax1aos.cloud.onebox.dynamics.com/?cmp=USMF">Privacy error (dynamics.com)</a>


The lab environment is:

79: Perform write-offs (labondemand.com)


Here's a screen grab of what I'm still getting.



OK, I was expecting the link to the GitHub labs or Microsoft Learn exercises or at least a course name to help me help you, not a dead link

This looks like Dynamics 365 Finance. Am i correct?
Are you using a sandbox in Microsoft Learn or an Authorized Lab Hoster environment?

The lab looks like it is being provided by labondemand which is a company called Skillable so you need to raise a support ticket with them https://www.skillable.com/customer-support/

When I find issues with the onebox virtual machines I find either waiting a little while as there is quite a lot to configure in the background for F&O, or rebooting the virtual machine
Thanks Julian, I did raise a ticket with Skillable, they effectively said to try again using the text type tool in the browser (didn't make any difference). I logged an issue with MS Learn feedback but have not heard anything back. I've also tried waiting for a long time and retrying many times.

Would you have any other suggestions? I'm getting a load of similar issues in these VM Lab sessions, either this where it won't let me progress because it's not private, an issue where it tells me the site doesn't have a valid security certificate so won't let me progress to the D365 environment and then also the issue that, when I log in using the given user name and password (entered via the text-type tool) it tells me I'm not authorised to access the system so dumps me out. This is all within their environment.
If the lab fails to login to Finance & Operations app you can either run the AdminUserProvisioning program or reboot the virtual machine to see if that resolves the issue.
Ah, thanks for that. didn't know I could reboot the machine. I'll try that next time.


So im having a similar problem, but the same thing is happening to me when i try to connect to an app i use for my online business, I get the same happen with the unable to con

nect message and the message about having no certificate.  Im not at all computer savvy so dont know any of the technical terms or anything so ill explain things best i can.  When im at home connected to my wifi i have no problems at all connecting to and using the app, (and btw its the only website/app i have this issue with) but when i go into work and use their wifi, im unable to connect at all, so im wondering if maybe it has something to do with the network or something?  As i said i dont know anything about computers so wouldnt have a clue what im meant to do to fix it, but it could be whats causing your problems too?  If you have any luck with a solution please update me with the answer!  Thank you and good luck!