vlookup to search mulitple criteria and return the entire rows data

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I am creating a couple of documents. Firstly a summary of all data for the whole business based on an agents quality.

There will be headings such as name, team, date, etc on the Summary sheet.


I am looking to then from a separate target sheet (individual Agent) to search the summary sheet using vlookup to search multiple criteria (name and date) to then pull that whole row of information across to the target sheet.


I've search and attempted multiple formula's but am unable to get 1 to work.


Has anyone any ideas for an excel novice please.



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Hello @Ian_Grant

Sorry to disappoint you but this is the Microsoft Learn community and is not exactly specialized on your topic/question. Although one or the other MCT specialized in this technology could be visiting this community I have the feeling that your question should be posted in the respective community.
Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link to the community:
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