VBA Context Help Blocked - "The Request is Blocked"

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April 20, 2022

Hi All,


From inside my Visual Basic Editor (Excel (in my case)), if I invoke contextual help from anywhere, such an action opens a new web browser tab that includes the following text "The request is blocked". Why? Even if via the help menu (using F1 or by selecting "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Help"), the same outcome results. Context help did work within the past two weeks, but not now! About a week ago I updated my PC using Windows Update; that's the only known change I made to my PC's environment. Any ideas for a solution out there?


A copy of the error:


The request is blocked.

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@6foot4arch I starting getting the same thing at the same time so it is probably a bug on MS servers, not something on your computer (or mine).

I have asked around. People using other browsers don't have the problem. I use Chrome. What browser are you using?



Hi Jeff,


I use Chrome, too.  Considering your suggestion, I swapped out Chrome as my default browser, choosing Edge instead. The result? Success! Invoking contextual help will trigger a non-blocked web page via Edge. What a sight to behold. To confirm the test, I swapped back to Chrome again, and was faced with blocked web pages. How curious is that? So, thank you for the reply (and solution).


Have you tried a similar test?

@6foot4arch  I haven't tried it but even if it works, something is broken. I don't want to have to change my default browser.


I understand your point. I like Chrome, too, so I hope to see a resolution for its internal conflict.

@6foot4arch I am using Edge Browser and encountering the same problem

@nsenor_ Edge too? Since I assigned Edge to be my default browser back in April, contextual help via Edge has functioned normally, no errors like those I encountered via Chrome. I've not switched back to Chrome again, either. So, our contrasting experiences (via Edge) adds to the mystery.



My problem resolved by itself. I am assuming that the problem was down in the bowels of Chrome somewhere and a subsequent patch fixed it.



Since your problem resolved itself, I made another browser test by setting Chrome as default...my first such test since my original post last April. It worked! Now both Edge and Chrome respond normally in relation to VBA context help. And, as you said about Chrome patches, I'm certain my Chrome has been patched since April, too.