URGENT! AZ-400 certificate not available

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Hi Team,

I wrote AZ-400 exam on 27th April and still the certificate is not available on the MS certification dashboard. When I click on view certificate I am not able to get anything.

I wrote AZ-104 using the MS account " babyrukhsar16@yahoo.in" MCID: 990331917
I also wrote AZ-400 using the MS account "babyrukhsar2@gmail.com" MCID: 991138648

For both exams I used Passport as the verification

I was able to download certificate for AZ-104 but not able to download certificate for AZ-400 as the two accounts are not linked and AZ-104 is pre requisite for AZ-400

Please help me to get my Certificate for AZ-400 asap as it is very much needed for my project requirement.

Please do whatever possible to do send me the certificate , please write to me asap.

Its very very important and urgent to me . Please understand and kindly help me here. Please help to merge my accounts and transfer my certificate 

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Hey Rukhsar- you want this forum instead for help. If you add the same post there, the moderators will PM you within a couple of days to ask for some further information so they can merge your two MCIDs :) https://trainingsupport.microsoft.com/en-us/mcp/forum

@RenJones Thank you for the suggestion and help :)