Updation of xp

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I completed a module that was total of 2500 xp but when i completed the module i only received only 2250 xp as i need total of 2500 which is important for me.
Can anyone help me?
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Hi Arman, which module was it? Could you please provide a link?

Thank You for the response an this is the link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/paths/az-900-describe-cloud-concepts/?source=learn as consists of three different sets and i have completed all of it eventhough i didnt got all of the xp @RenJones 

Hi Arman- thanks for this. Did you get all the answers to the knowledge checks right first time? The XP listed on the modules are the max you can receive. If you read through all the pages and get knowledge checks right first time- you get the max, if you take a couple of attempts at the questions it will half the amount of XP you receive.