Update field value based on lookup field value selection in MS FLOW in SharePoint online

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Hi All.


Can anyone please help me here? New to MS FLOW.


I have list A: Having Empname, Plant Name(is lookup field), and ZoneManager (is hidden in new form)fields.


List B: Having Plant, ZoneManagers.


when a user submits List A form, by filling the Empname and Plant name entry will be added to list A and workflow will be triggered and Zone Manger will be auto-updated by picking the respective field ZoneManger name from ListB, this is working fine in SharePoint workflow.




List B : 

Plant    ZoneManagers





When the user enters in LIST A: Empname as CHRIS and Plant as the USA and saves, then ZoneManager field has to update as YYYName



How to achieve this in MS FLow, Any suggestions, please?


Thanks in Advance.

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Hello @Praveen Kumar Gogulakonda

Sorry to disappoint you but this is the Microsoft Learn community and is not exactly specialized on your topic/question. Although one or the other MCT specialized in this technology could be visiting this community I have the feeling that your question should be posted in the respective community.
Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link to the community:
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