Unable to see my MS-100 certification in my dashboard. I passed it last week

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Hello my email address is pavanpaloz@outlook.com. I passed MS-100 exam last week and I am not seeing it in my dashboard. please help me. I suspect there might be issue with my MCP account as I might have two.

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hello Sir,
as i have experience about the dashboard.
some exam are need to wait the 2 weeks for show on dashboard.
if you want to view the transcript, you can see it.
pls wait 2 weeks first.
i hope you and all of your families are fine in this covid-19 periods.
and your teams also fine too.
Thanks again.
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Hi Pavan- the correct forum for issues like this is here: https://aka.ms/CertificationSupport
The mods there will be able to merge your accounts if you do have two.