Unable to renew LEGACY certifications

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Hi all,


Some background: Years ago I did the old 70-532/533/534 certification exams, then the transition exams to AZ-100/200/300, which earned me the Azure dev/admin/arch certifications (valid until autumn 2021). Since I had never done the full 100/200/300 exams, I thought it would be fun to do those before the changes in June, which I did (and it was fun). I was quite surprised that my transcript then showed me being double certified, i.e. I had an active certification for both my old and new exam passes.


Ok, but that was good, since it meant I could try the new Learn certification renewal for my old certs, right? True enough, before summer I got emails for the expiring certifications with links to Learn. I thought I'd postpone those until after the vacations, but now when I go to Learn my old certs show up as:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate (Legacy)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate (Legacy)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert (Legacy)

Their links have a suffix -erlr: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/azure-developer-erlr, which gives 404. Going to the /renew urls show my cert expiring in 6xx days, which is of course the expiration date for my new certifications.


Before summer I checked that I was able to launch the renewal for my old certs in Learn (got screenshot to prove it), so I trusted that I can return to that now in the autumn. That seems not to be the case anymore, so is this a bug or did I blow my chance at trying the new Learn renewal? Is it possible to enable the renewal for my old certs, since I would like to familiarize myself with those professionally (Azure advocacy and guidance in my org)?

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I would recommend reaching out to Certification Support (https://aka.ms/CertificationSupport) as this may be an issue with your particular certifications.