Unable to provision Azure resources

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Hi everyone! I'm having an issue. I cannot use the sandbox when the same personal microsoft account which is the one I've been using these days. Is there a way to fix this? I can't complet the units if I don't have access to the sandbox.

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Same problem here, tried 2 different email logins although the accounts are linked some maybe that only counts as 1...

Got the same problem. I've retried as site suggested and after few of them, I received info that access to sandbox has been suspended.
Appeal to suspension is also not working.

@markjulmar maybe you can help?

EDIT: I've checked now again and there is no info about suspension, but "Unable to provision Azure resources" error still exists.

It's working for me today, I didn't do anything different. Must not have been user error for once, lol.

@sp33dyS See if it's working for you now. We had some reports of outages in certain regions affecting authentication.

@markjulmar yeah, it started working yesterday at about 10pm CEST :)
Thank you!