Unable to login to Microsoft Learn

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Can't sign in to MS Learn nor continue a challenge I already started.
Try to sign in with my email and then password.
System recognizes the account existence however after providing password I will be send back to the sign in page.
I receive no errors. Just can't sign in.

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I synced the time from the NTP server, this resolved my issue. Thank you.
Thanks a lot. Solved to me!

I am having the same issue. After all steps to update my profile then when finished, it brought me back to initial update my profile. I cannot accessing Learn page, because it keeps bring me back again and again to update my profile page. Please help. Thank you.

PS. already check my date on my laptop as suggested. it is up to date.


I have the same problem but only with my personal email.

I linked my Work email (work and school account) to my learn profile and I can access it via that login.  However, my sandbox and my learning is on my personal account as I want to be able to take this with me, not leave it associated to a specific employer.


Hopefully Microsoft have a proper solution soon.