Unable to launch Finance and Operations Labs

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Hello. I am unable to launch the Finance and Operations labs from the Learning content. Would you please direct me to a discussion if this has been covered before or suggestion resolution options?

I have tried on different browsers and different computthanks! 

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I see this occasionally with the Finance and operations sandboxes
Each sandbox runs a virtual machine and there are a lot of services to start up and it can take a while. I have found it can take several minutes before the environment is ready
So, you can close the browser inside the VM, wait a while, and start it up again to see if can connect
If the lab still fails to login to Finance & Operations app you can either
a) run the AdminUserProvisioning program
b) reboot the virtual machine
to see if that resolves the issue.
Thank you Julian. I took your advice to reboot the virtual machine and start again from Launch after that. That took away the network error message. The instructions say that they login page will pop up. It did not. However the Edge icon was shown. I opened it and that took me to a login page. I was able to use the training login and password from there. Thanks so much. Your suggestions were much more helpful than those from the official 'help' link provided on the learning page. :)