Unable to follow instructions in Power BI Lab - no account details available

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The Lab requires me to log-in, within the VM, to Power BI service. The instructions are:



  • To open Microsoft Edge, on the taskbar, click the Microsoft Edge program shortcut.


  • In the Microsoft Edge browser window, navigate to

    Tip: You can also use the Power BI Service favourite on the Microsoft Edge favourites bar.

  • Click Sign In (located at the top-right corner).


  • Enter the account details provided to you (check out the Resources).

  • If prompted to update the password, renter the provided password, and then enter and confirm a new password.

    Important: Be sure to record your new password.

  • Complete the sign in process.


I cannot find the "account details provided to you" -- there are none in the Resources that you download in the previous step, as always.

When I log into my work account, or my personal one (both inside the VM), and I try to continue with the steps which instruct me to configure settings within the 'Admin Portal', the options are not available.

Therefore, I cannot proceed with this lab (or following ones, where there are similar issues).

Note that I am doing the learning path by myself, without an instructor. I'm a doing this for my own benefit.

Learning Path -> Visualize data in Power BI

Module -> Create dashboards in Power BI

Chapter -> Lab - Create a Power BI dashboard.


Concrete question: Where do I get the resources to log-in, such that I can configure Power BI appropriately?


Thanks for the help, and kind regards




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I have the same issue... Looking forward to a solution!
Are you referring to GitHub labs or Microsoft Learn exercises
Please provide a link to the lab you are using
You need to sign into Microsoft Learn and you should see a launch lab button
This starts a VM which gives access to a sandbox environment
You should not login with your own credentials as the lab should provide these
I have checked and it doesn't
You need to click on the Help tab in the right-hand pane and Submit a Support Request
You should also submit feedback to Learn. At the bottom of the page to click on reporting an issue and then select Product or functionality and then select Problems with the Sandbox

That I have done, which led me to support who promptly asked me to seek Community Based Support (this post, obviously) and to look here, which didn't help me so far.

OK, looks like this forum doesn't nest replies into each other:
The link you posted is correct, that's the culprit lab.
I have already submitted feedback to MS learn, as you suggested.
I have submitted a help request from within the VM (as you suggested??) which led me to support who promptly asked me to seek Community Based Support (this post, obviously) and to look here, which didn't help me so far.
I do not know how creating my own Power BI trial would help. I could try that, but I have a Pro license on my work account, some non-standard/free license through my Uni, and a trial on my private account.
All of which do not help.
I have signed up with MS learn. My intuition says me I need to sign up for a module/course or so there in order to receive proper instructions. Or ask my employer to do so?

I have also connected my certification profile to my MS learn profile (I think). To do so I have started registering for an exam and then saved the progress. I now have a certification profile ID which is linked to this account. Still, there are now account details anywhere to be found. I have no idea where they are supposed to be coming from.
The instruction just says "Enter the account details provided to you". It seems whoever wrote this, presumes I have signed up somewhere/been signed up by someone which provided account details to me to continue. I have no idea where those should come from.


A little addition:
The first issue I've had with this was in this lab (a few before, in the same module). What I noticed there initially (I just logged in with my Uni credentials) that the screenshots (no. 1, no. 2) seem to be outdated. My web interface doesn't look quite similar, however I can navigate to the admin portal, no problem (see no. 2). But all those option that are visible in no.2 are not available to me.

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In other labs in MS Learn the credentials you need are displayed in the right-hand pane of the lab. Why they aren't for this one I don't know. I have reported as well and also raised with Microsoft and am trying to find the person responsible.
The response by Skillable is unfortunate
Thanks a mil Julian, I hope you will succeed!