Unable to create Learn Sandbox

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Please help. I have two email addresses linked to my Microsoft account. Whenever I try to create a new sandbox on Learn, I get an error stating the below:




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Have you added your gmail.com email address as an alias on your outlook.com address?


See what email addresses are listed on https://account.live.com/names/manage

If you do trying switching the primary email address to the outlook.com email and/or removing the gmail.com address

@Julian Sharp , thanks so much for replying.


I see the two email addresses on my account:


The outlook.com email is already the primary. I'm tempted to remove gmail.com but would it have an impact on the certifications linked on my profile? I already had issues having the Credly 'Share' button visible on some of my certifications when I linked my MCIDs.


I've also tried using an InPrivate window in Edge to login but the same issue happened.

@verargulla try making the Gmail the primary and then setting the outlook back to primary


Certifications are linked to the account not the email address 

I can't even get the button to create a sandbox to appear in the MS-500 course modules. It's just not there on any of the modules.
You need to sign in to Microsoft Learn before to see the button for the sandbox

I am signed in, tried Chrome and Firefox on 2 systems, no Sandbox button as described here:


The mention of a sandbox being required is not there, nor is even an option for it, yet it keeps linking to the Azure Portal to follow the exercises.
I have responded on the other thread