Top picks from Azure training on Microsoft Learn – January 2021




Updated on January 13, 2021


It’s not easy to pick from all the great content coming to Microsoft Learn every week, but these are some cool modules and learning paths you might be interested in. Some are recent releases; some are new and old favorites.


Introduction to Mixed Reality

Whether you're an experienced developer or a new convert, it’s important to get a conceptual grip on what Mixed Reality is, what it offers to developers and designers, and most importantly what it can add to your business or industry. Dive into this self-paced Learn Module and gain an understanding of Mixed Reality as a concept, the key processes, and available hardware devices. Start here!


All about Azure Synapse Analytics

30 Microsoft Learn modules to help you master Azure Synapse Analytics and bring together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics.

Start at the Integrated analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics collection we've created for you.


The Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering

Sustainable Software Engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets, and data center design. The Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering are a core set of competencies needed to define, build, and run sustainable software applications. Start here!


Manage hybrid infrastructure with Azure Arc
Check out this new learning path and get ready to extend Azure management to any infrastructure and enables deployment of Azure data services anywhere. Start here!


Cloud-native security operations with Azure Sentinel
Start your journey to build next-generation security operations with cloud and AI. This new learning path describes basic architecture, core capabilities, and primary use cases of Azure Sentinel. Start here!


Use basketball stats to optimize game play with Visual Studio Code

Inspired by the new film Space Jam: A New Legacy, this learning path shows basketball fans how an understanding of data science and coding can support their passions, create opportunities, and even open doors to possible careers. Start here!


Azure fundamentals learning path series

Refresh your Azure basics with the enhanced Azure fundamentals series of learning paths covering foundational knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. Check out the Master the basics of Azure: Fundamentals collection on Microsoft Learn. 

Remember we are retiring the original Azure Fundamentals learning path on January 31, 2021. 

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