This is the biggest problem in my life dealing with disturbing auto update from Microsoft

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You need to be in charge of this Microsoft as I never wanted to have my windows updated and always turn the auto update off but it always seemed to muscle itself in on my PC every time I put my pc to sleep.

I left about 100 tabs open and active for serveral months because all those things are my workS that need to be done.
I never shutdown my PC for months, only thing I did is put it to SLEEP.
Once the lastest update started to act up during the sleep of my pc and when my PC restarted


They are not automatically restored as usual as the very past previous updates...

I seriously need help..
All the tabs forcibly closed mean a lot to my life.

Dont cause me to be made redundant Microsoft
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@SUNEATER I'm sorry to have to point this out, man, because I do feel for your situation.  


However, if your job depends on you maintaining 100+ tabs open in your browser, and a PC restart will get you fired, you either need a new job or you are doing something severely wrong.  


A couple of pointers that may or may not help:

* bookmarks.  Use them.

* a password vault.  Find one you like and put it in play.

* monitoring software (like PRTG, Solarwinds, Nagios, etc.).  Get one and put it to use.


I'm not going to ask "why do you need X tabs open 24/7", because it doesn't matter what the answer is.  The design behind the answer is wrong.  Whether it's something you did or something someone else is up to, it's wrong.  


And to try to finger-point at MS because a critical security update required a re-start is wrong.  


The only situation where it might even be remotely sane to prevent updates in the first place is when you have a unique configuration and unique software on the PC that demands the system remain unmodified from its current state (think: specialized lab equipment used to run a drug production line that cannot be modified without regulatory-required validation).

If your system is exposed (and with a browser open to 100+ tabs, I assume it is exposed), regular updates are a best-practice answer.  


If you value your tabs so highly, then use a browser which can open a list of tabs at startup and maintain that list.  Then when you start your browser, it will re-open those tabs.  


Really.  Re-think your strategy here.  Being dependent on a browser open with 100+ tabs?  Not a winning solution.  New job or new plan of execution is needed.