The true fix for missing Windows 11 Store App.

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Here it is ignore other fixes tried them all they don’t work. I lost the Store App in the upgrade from 10 to 11. Even resetting PC never brought it back. So if that sounds similar to how you lost it do this 20 second fix. 1. Open Xbox App
2. Open settings.
3. Click on General settings tab (left second tab on list)
4. In upper right of screen (window) there will be a list of system bundles that are missing (I had three) click install on all of them. When installed it’s done close app.
5. Open Windows settings and go to Apps tab, then Apps and features (very top) scroll down list your welcome Store is back. Go set a restore point cause who knows what a windows update will do next.
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@Pajer1a1Yes you'll need to install the Xbox App for Windows to run this fix. Once installed, the Settings menus are located in the top-left dropdown under your user name.


Link to app:

@dre76fixitproper Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that months of computer issues were just solved... I really can't thank you enough. My camera wasn't working, Microsoft Store was gone, my file explorer was broken, etc. 

Thanks a million!!
@dre76fixitproper Thank you so much it just works. Now all you need to do is get this to come up in a search before all the pointless ones from MS that do nothing but waste time.
Was looking for a fix for this for at least an hour, maybe longer. stumbled across this one. Super clutch, thanks man!


I cannot thank you enough!!!!  I just wish I had found this gem BEFORE I wiped my rig!  ugh!!!!

Even after a full disk wipe and restore of windows from fresh online download, the store was gone... DAYS of searching and trying every power command around...  NOTHING...  sigh...

Your True fix needs to be the first and only result for missing Store in windows 11... 


Thank you again!!!!!!!



Thank you for this post.. still works. Tried everything else. 



I have wrestling with this problem too long and this won't help either 'cos Xbox app won't open (can't update, try later)! This is so **bleep**ing annoying situation ... I have win 11 and checked that all updates a fine and permissions to update are fine ... I really don't know what to do? I tried this lates, but does't worked!? When I try to install Store , installation goes "neverending Story" ...




THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! Your advice was perfect, easy to follow. You are amazing! Thank you!!
I love you.
You legend. What a stupid system that another app can do this but Microsoft can't even provide a purpose built manager etc.



after a retore lost few features and windows store [nothing working [you step 1] open xmax all [then omn that  first page said u missing 3 assets one of which was Microsoft store, clicked add then 30 secs later fixed] 


your a legend

Many thanks, dude! Works like a charm here. ;)
Right there with you, My Win 11 Store App will not reinstall from this information. Like other download attempts, I get "There was a problem loading the installation, try again" So far nothing has worked, I am not rebuilding my system again.



Noice to see that I'm not alone with that problem! 

@dre76fixitproper thanks, really works. Tnx xbox too

@dre76fixitproper thank you for sharing this. I wasted two days trying all the other steps to install MS Store into my new PC, and nothing worked. This one did! 


For those reading, even if you don't have XBox app, it is free and you can download it directly off the XBox website. Once you open it up, there are app installers for MS Store and others, built into the XBox app. It worked!

Thank you. I have been going crazy wondering where my Store was. It's there along with everything else that was missing.
Yep, the only fix on the entire internet. Cheers