The true fix for missing Windows 11 Store App.

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Here it is ignore other fixes tried them all they don’t work. I lost the Store App in the upgrade from 10 to 11. Even resetting PC never brought it back. So if that sounds similar to how you lost it do this 20 second fix. 1. Open Xbox App
2. Open settings.
3. Click on General settings tab (left second tab on list)
4. In upper right of screen (window) there will be a list of system bundles that are missing (I had three) click install on all of them. When installed it’s done close app.
5. Open Windows settings and go to Apps tab, then Apps and features (very top) scroll down list your welcome Store is back. Go set a restore point cause who knows what a windows update will do next.
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Pure genius :stareyes:  I have been searching all day how to get my missing App Store back, I have lost count of the amount of scans, registry edits etc I have tried and nothing worked. I was about to do a full reset when I came upon this solution, I was a little sceptical at first but guess what? It works :happyface:

Thank you for taking the time to post this solution.


Thank you for posting your fix. I too searched and tried for hours before finding your post - it worked for me as well. I have a new computer w/ windows 11 pre-loaded, so it wasn't due to an upgrade issue. I don't know how the app disappeared, but I did change quite a few privacy settings and uninstalled other apps that came pre-loaded. Again, thank you for taking the time to post your solution.

omg thanks for this information, looking for solution at many forums, now finally fix it.

@Siao98 not longer than I looked at encountered this issue with every update for Windows 10. Windows 11 still carry’s same flaws of sector errors forming when an update stalls and you have to go thru powering down. 


it's amazing, i tried everything to get it but it didn't work, you're a genius

@dre76fixitproper Thank you good sir, youre a life saver! recently i had to restore my system due a malfunction on a windows update (quelle surprise..) and boom, no store on the new install, tried everything down and there, youre solution is the only one that worked, even though i had to reinstall the xbox app first. Anyway, thanks again!!

I’ve been at this for hours, and the fix was this simple the whole time lol. Thank you!!
Thanks @dre76fixitproper!
Do you also have a solution, if the XBox App is not installed 🤷‍:male_sign:
I was coming off a reset, so I didn’t have the app either. You can download the Xbox App from a browser through the Xbox site, I just googled Xbox PC App. Then I was able to do OP’s solution!
Win11 did an update overnight & for the second time in 6 or months, the MS apps are AWOL. Still searching as this one did not work. Ran the Xbox app, comes up with a dialog box about performing an update, reaches 95%, disappears and two very quick dialog boxes flash & then nothing. Have used a previous repair using command shell commands, just need to find it again.
HAHHAhahhahhahahhhahahhhaaa....... it worked

@dre76fixitproper Thanks for posting this. I've been searching and trying everything to get the Store app back but nothing worked except for this one.

@dre76fixitproper Wow You saved my life :) I was struggling for 3 days applying all methods to get Store App ( RegEdit/Resetting PC/complex packaging commands in powershell searching all over internet ) but this is purely genius you are deserved to be in Microsoft.. Than you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*THIS* is the solution to this problem.

Thank you very much. Worked like a charm.

Two suggestions:
1. fix your list. step 1 Open Xbox App is buried in the paragraph above. I initially missed that
2. I was also missing the xbox app, so I couldn't get started. Many links I saw redirected me to the store app to install the Xbox App (which I could not - no store) so I found/downloaded the Xbox App msi file from here:

Thank you once more, because like I others I tried many solutions that did not work.. this one worked perfectly!
I literally tried everything including resetting my pc and nothing worked until I found this!

@dre76fixitproper thank you so much for this. We have searched and searched for a fix and just found this. Your solution sorted the issue within 2 mins after months of frustration.

THANKSSSSS :two_hearts:
My xbox app says its installing, and has been for an hour, it doesnt seem to be doing anything
Thanks so much. I was starting to get really confused after I reinstalled Windows and it didn't fix it.