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I have few questions regarding  the team's meetings recordings, can someone please help me with this: 


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  3. Set recordings to be shared with another user automatically to the user who is not there in the meeting. 

Thanks in Advance!

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Here are the answers to all the three use cases;

1 - the recording is enabled for all org-wide by default but the organizer or the user has to click start recording it is not going to record automatically

2 - Again this is not possible to automatically start meeting while they users can manually start meeting recordings

3 - As the new setting will save the recording in Onedrive for Business it cannot be shared automatically someone has to shared it manually for each recording unless the whole recording folder for that specific user is shared with all.

Note: there are some policies on Teams Admin Center that can be set/configure org-wide or per set of users but there is not option for automatic recording you can enabled or disabled the recording options etc.