Teams Auto Attendant Unable to redirect to outside numbers

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I have an auto-attendant I'm testing. I can dial in to it and connect OK and get the menu. I can reach the operator number. When I try to reach a person configured as a "Re-direct to outside number", the number dials once and then drops back to operator with a "Sorry I couldn't Reach...." message.

The numbers I'm using are NZ based (so formatted +64....) and the AA is set to UK English (no NZ variant available)


The Resource account in use has a Microsoft 365 Phone System - Virtual User licence and (as a test) a Microsoft 365 Domestic calling plan.


The "Operator" is a common area phone (I imagine it as a receptionist phone) and that, with the same calling plan but also a common area phone licence and phone system licence, is able to call cell-phones in NZ and can transfer to cell-phones (which was another battle in itself) so I know calling to cell-phones  can work.


Any ideas why it might be failing to call outside numbers?

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@Richard Parry  have to managed to resolve the problem ? if yes, what was the solution, i am having same issue.




This board is for things related to Microsoft Learn and Microsoft certifications so there won't really be anyone monitoring this board who will answer your question. I would recommend reaching out on the Teams community