Study guide and tips & tricks for Exam AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer




Are you preparing to take the Exam AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer, requisite for the Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification?


Then, a must go resource for you is the AZ-220 IoT Developer Certification Study Guide blog post by @pdecarlo. In this blog Paul shares all the resources he used to prepare for the exam--he passed it last October.  


Check it out and let him (and me) know how useful is this guide for you.



PD. If you are thinking of this certification, you can help us refining the upcoming update: Answer the exam blueprint survey for the Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification-it closes on Dec 11, 2020.

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Hi there,
We are a class of students following the IOT prep paths for Exam AZ-220 mentined on the first row above and it disapeared gradually the last 24 hour.

What happened? Our grades are supposed to be based on the progress in the tutorial paths connected to this and they ar now gone. We have worked for 1 week and has to 12/17/2021 to finnish as much as we could and report our progress to school for grades.
Is there a new Cert prep that have similar content?

Please advice on how to proceed!
Best regards
Thanks for the tip!
That's a different layout!
Could you or someone provide the 5 old paths content list that was on the page at the bottom so we could find the proper matching?
You should ask Paul DeCarlo directly in his post, he'll be able to guide you, since he created the guide.
@SandraMarin I think the issue is that the MS Learning Paths on the AZ-220 Exam Page are grayed out ands are not listed anymore
@SandraMarin The 4 Learning Paths that were linked on the exam page no longer exist on Learn. I suspect they have been replaced. The exam and certification pages need to be updated
I will try and figure out which learning paths have replaced them
@JulianSharp, @SandraMarin
I tried to reach out to @pdecarlo with a message but he is not online and have not responded yet. We are grateful for all the help we can get
The AZ-220 exam has changed a fair bit since Paul wrote his post, for example digital twins and a bigger focus on IoT Edge and security
Thank you for your support on this matter!
Best regards

@Julian_Sharp @Preform Now I understand the issue. Apologies, I didn't realize what the problem was. I'll make sure the exam and certification pages are updated as soon as possible.

The exam and certification pages have been updated with the learning paths