Student halted at login to online education portal due to phone number do we fix

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I am a Sonoran Dessert Institute student in my 3rd semester. MY school provided me with an email address through a student portal hosted by "microsoft..."   example 1 [email address removed for privacy reasons]

some reason Ihave allowed myself the comfortable setback of "i'll be good and recovery numbers arent important enough to fret all my heart for.....!!!! FML for real FML well with my own self imposed lazy behindedminded pooppiled problem.!!!! I have literally been at the up down in out one time code emails , reset password over a dozen times as if that were the problem of my life?! my cell number and device is out of service never to be supported not the chance plus the device is FQed so that number associated to it is unreachable and i have already reset the account password three times and still no clue how to do anything microsoft ...Honestly I am frustrated ,delerious , furious , and on the verge to failing to submit multiple well valued most needed credits for this weeks assignmentsLOL?!! how do I gain access to my account while microsoft knows me on a very personal level and yet wont give an option on another way to login... I hate just being able to typ3e a little HUH!! no error correct or spell check im posting with no proof reading involved to show much respect to anyone whoom can rectify this abundant issue that i have ran in to so many times due to anger and crybaby issues of my ptsd bboohhoo babboohhoo me outbursts

plz help 

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