Storage Creaation Failed Error 403

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I'm in the midway of the IoT Developer Learning Course, where in i;m facing the issues in Lab Sessions in Azure DPS and Azure IoT Edge sessions  to name some.


it Says Storage Creation Failed Error 403, I'm Attaching the Screenshots. kindly look into it. Screenshot from 2022-05-31 09-54-51.pngScreenshot from 2022-05-31 09-53-50.png@azure

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@ShivAyla You need to click on the reporting an issue link at the bottom of the Learn page. Then click Product or Functionality and then Problem with the Sandbox



@Julian_Sharp I have submitted this problem as well in the feedback,before it self, but the feedback says it's a one-way communication,you may/may not get the response... So that's the reason I used community to look for solutions.




Well, you said "kindly look into it" not "has anyone else experienced this and managed to solve it"

No one in the community can "look into it" as we do not have access

You need to post the links to the unit in the Learn module so that we can see the issue

Most problems with sandbox are around the subscription/directory in Azure that is selected or the region for the resource you are creating