Hi, I'm looking for ways to make better use of Microsoft Speech to Text capability.

I set out to use speech to text in a simple browser window, and this worked surprisingly well.

At that moment is appeared that I would need to use Azure, and then things got more complicated.


In the mean time I have created an account so that if necessary payment can happen using a credit card.


What I would like to find out is if it is possible to keep using a simple browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge), but without the limitions of the test-environment, meaning that the capture will not stop somewhere inadvertently.


I have also read that using Docker it should be possible to do this as well. So I went ahead and installed Docker Desktop (on my Mac) and followed instructions to pull a docker instance from github.
As far as I can understand I would need somehow to use my credentials such as api-key (where do I find this?) and endpoint-url (ditto?).

I would be glad to get some help or pointers on how to get this working, preferably without intervention of a Certified Microsoft Partner.

Thanks for helping out!!


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