Shortcut key to pop in few files(that are there on my desktop) in any folder.

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Hi Champ,

I need someone's help to come out of this routine work.

There is a word document(for suppose 2022.doc)  and an excel file(Material.xlsx) on my desktop.


All I need is to have a shortcut or a Macro to embed in my system that if I create a new folder and press any shortcut key the above two files should automatically come in into that folder.


I need the above because when ever I complete any work on excel file (Day to day listing) i also need to send the above two files by default to my manager. So i  totally need to send all the three files to my manager.


Please help me.

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Can anyone reply in either routing this to respective forum?
You should repost this in one of the forums that is dedicated to Office application automation