Salary Survey Opportunity for Certification Magazine


I received this request from Certification Magazine. I would love to know how Microsoft Certifications compare to other certifications, so I hope you consider participating.


Once per year in October and November, Certification Magazine collects information about the salaries of certified information technology (IT) professionals. We have the same goal every year: Use salary data from certified individuals to assess the career value and workplace rewards of certification. One of the most popular outputs from the survey is our Salary Survey 75, a power list of top-salaried IT certifications.


We can’t make any of it happen, of course, without your participation. We need real data from actual working professionals who hold IT certifications. If you have at least one current IT certification, then you’re eligible to participate. That’s all some people need to know and, by all means, if you’ve heard enough already, then please:




Need some more convincing? We realize that completing a survey takes time and effort, and we don’t expect you to participate just because we asked. If you take the survey all the way to the end, then we’ll reward you with a free one-year subscription to the digital edition of Certification Magazine (Normal cost: $10).


We also have a fistful of $50 Amazon gifts cards: 15 of them. Anyone who completes the survey can put their name in a hat, and 15 randomly chosen individuals will get a gift card.


That’s it! That’s all we ask. TAKE THE SURVEY, get free (or discounted) stuff. We hope that you like IT certification as much as we do, and we thank you for your time.


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