Restrictions on Microsoft Course Delivery

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Will I be allowed to teach an additional second course after becoming an MCT if I clear the second exam after receiving my MCT License ?

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Hi! once you're an MCT, you'll be eligible to teach any course you feel comfortable delivering- the MCT certification is not specific to a particular technology.
That's not quite true @RenJones.

As an MCT you can only teach Microsoft Official Courses your technical certification is aligned to. Details of what technical accreditation is required to teach each course is included in the Courseware Title Plan and MCT Competency Requirements which is linked from MCT Central in the blue box. Learning Partners also have access to this spreadsheet.

However if the course is NOT listed on the sheet (community or custom course) then you can teach as you are confident to do so.

Personally I feel that if you have enough knowledge to teach an official course then you have enough knowledge to pass the exam which is stated as the requirement to do so and if you can't pass the exam you are not knowledgeable to be teaching it.
@KanishkK - your MCT allows you to teach any course you meet the technical certification requirements for, you do not need to re-certify your MCT
Sara is correct, you need to have the relevant certification for the course (this is not the same as having that exam) for instance I cannot teach DP-900 even though I have passed that exam
Check the Courseware Title Plan spreadsheet on MCT Central. This lists the competencies for each course