Reset progress on Microsoft Learn

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I started a specialty on Microsoft Learn's Microsoft Certifications some time ago but I haven't finished it. Now I'd like to start course from the beginning. Is there a way to reset progress on a specialty/learning paths?

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I was wondering the same. I wish it was possible for me to reset my progress on a particular module I previously started/completed.
I have 'Collections' made of several 'Learning Paths' to prepare for a specific 'Certification'. Sometime (actually often), when I am starting a new Learning Path, I'd like all the modules it is made of not to show as completed, so it does not break the flow of the new Learning Path (i.e. I don't mind going through a module I previously completed in another Learning Path). A visual indication that I previously completed this module would be still be useful, and if I don't get XP for completing it again, well that would be very ok too :)
Thanks for reading me.

Is there any answer from Learn regarding plans to add this Reset Progress functionality given that the new yearly certification renewal framework points to the same but updated learning sections? It would be very useful to be able to reset one's progress from the last year's study.