Reset progress on Microsoft Learn

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I started a specialty on Microsoft Learn's Microsoft Certifications some time ago but I haven't finished it. Now I'd like to start course from the beginning. Is there a way to reset progress on a specialty/learning paths?

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I was wondering the same. I wish it was possible for me to reset my progress on a particular module I previously started/completed.
I have 'Collections' made of several 'Learning Paths' to prepare for a specific 'Certification'. Sometime (actually often), when I am starting a new Learning Path, I'd like all the modules it is made of not to show as completed, so it does not break the flow of the new Learning Path (i.e. I don't mind going through a module I previously completed in another Learning Path). A visual indication that I previously completed this module would be still be useful, and if I don't get XP for completing it again, well that would be very ok too :)
Thanks for reading me.