Renewal exams - out of date - poor questions

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I just took, and passed, the renewal exam for Identity and Access Management and while I appreciate the renewal process, the actual exams have room for improvement. There are at least 3 areas which could use some attention:

1. Quality of questions - There were many questions that were focused on memorization (how many logs, how many days etc) and

2. Breadth of coverage - many topics that were not even mentioned, (PIM, access reviews, entitlement management, and more). The scope of topics on this renewal should align with the topics on the original exam but should focus on what has changed since we were originally certified. 

3. Current features - It has been a year since the exam was updated which is too long, if this exam was intended to help ensure that I was staying current it failed. there were no questions about Entra Permissions Management which was released in 2022. 


IAM is tremendously important, and this renewal exam did not do a good job evaluating my knowledge of the Azure AD/Entra platform which could lead my clients to question the value of a consultant having this certfication. 

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