Regarding AZ-300 and AZ-304 Exams

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I have been preparing for AZ-300 for more than 3 months and wish to take this exam before 30-Sept-2020 (before AZ-300 expires). I also want to take another exam (AZ-301) to obtain an Expert certificate but AZ-301 is also going to expire along with AZ-300. 

My query is: If I take AZ-300 before it expires and instead of AZ-301 if I take AZ-304, would I get an Expert level certificate? If yes, then what would be the validity of that certificate?


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Hello @abhishekmaitrey


Maybe this thread will help you:

In short... Looks like you will be fine ;) You will get the expert.


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Hi @Rolf-42,


Many thanks for your reply. I would then go for AZ-300 on my scheduled date.