Redeem Azure Pass

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Where can I find a promo code to redeem azure pass at for Lab 00: Lab Environment Setup

I followed the instructions and steps on the Microsoft Learn but I don't have the promo and not sure where to get the code from.


Any help or advise will be appreciated

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The labs in GitHub are designed to be used with instructor led training by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). The Learning Partner provides the Azure Passes.
If you are an MCT you can request an Azure Pass, the details are on MCT Central
If you are self-learning you can create an Azure free trial
You can either use an Azure Pass or sign up for a Free trial. It is one or the other, not both

@Julian Sharp Thank you. I am currently on self-leaning, and I have created the Azure Free Trial. The Microsoft Learn guide does not differentiate between the two as you have done, it creates an impression you should be able to redeem the code without additional details.


Thank you once again.