Recovery of Unsaved Recording of Teams meeting

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Dear Concerns,


I was having teams meeting with my collogues remotely and I recorded it but unfortunately :sad:, unintentionally I have closed the meeting without stopping recording. As a result I lost recording of that meeting.

Please help me. Is there any option to get back or recover that recording..?


Asif Ali

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@Asifali Hi, I trust you are well. 


Recordings are set by default to be accessed via Microsoft Stream, or OneDrive all depending on your orgs settings. 


What you can do is see if the recording is displayed in the teams chat or channel you started to record, by default the person who started the meeting will automatically get an email. The meeting recording ends when the last person leaves.  


Good day
Recently I was recording a meeting which consist of a very important information then suddently my phone shut down without saving the meeting recording can i retrieve please help.