Recertification showsa in learn but not on transcript.

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I raised this a few days , it was responded to but it    was a long long process and the ticket was closed before i got to it, i  hope that isnt necesary.. I  have attached screen shots  in the doc, first from my learn account showing i  recertified  for modern desktop, the second is from my transcript  missing the recertify. If there is anything else you need .

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Hi Sandra- the right forum for this question is:

If you post there, the mods should be able to help.
Thank you as i posted it i looked at the header and cringed , we get older and eventually we also become one of those end users. To be frank its such an arb error and this is definitely the ultimate stackflow killer to resolve our pain, whatever its nature. Fk i feel old. Thanks for that - just the right link helps much ;)