PyTorch, Azure Stack HCI, serverless, and more: Top picks from Microsoft Learn – June 2021




Tons of exciting and interesting modules and learning paths for Azure on Microsoft Learn. These are my picks for June. Let me know how you like them.


Get started with PyTorch

This brand-new learning path was developed in partnership with PyTorch to support developers focused on machine learning. You will learn key concepts on building machine learning models in multiple domains including speech, vision, and natural language processing.


Operate and maintain Azure Stack HCI

This learning path explains how to manage Azure Stack HCI clusters, integrate Microsoft Azure services with Azure Stack HCI, manage Azure Stack HCI VM workloads, and manage Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI.


Build mixed reality digital twins with Azure Digital Twins and Unity

Learn how to create of a mixed reality HoloLens 2 application using Azure Digital Twins and Unity, a real-time 3D platform.


Build serverless, full stack applications in Azure

Learn how to create, build, and deploy modern full stack applications in Azure by using the language of your choice (Python, Node.js, or .NET) and with a Vue.js frontend. Topics covered include modern database capabilities, CI/CD and DevOps, backend API development, REST, and more.


Take your first steps with Rust

Interested in learning a new programming language that's growing in use and popularity? Start here! Lay the foundation of knowledge you need to build fast and effective programs in Rust.




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