Put AI into action with AI Business School—powered by Fast Lane


Explore how artificial intelligence supports business leaders today. Learn how to drive business impact by creating an effective AI strategy, enabling an AI-ready culture, innovating responsibly, and more.


In AI Business School you’ll get the essential fundamentals on how to use Big Data, leverage Artificial Intelligence, and employ Machine Learning to support your business.


Microsoft Learning Partner Fast Lane is bringing the AI Business School to the next level, with a role-based curriculum to support business leaders:

  • Executives and Senior Leaders: Discover the tangible business value of using AI.
  • Functional Managers: Leverage the power of AI to decrease costs and increase revenue.
  • Ethics and Legal Stakeholders: Navigate the challenging world of responsible AI and become an ethical user.
  • Technology Managers: Operate a powerful AI and machine learning to empower your organization.


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