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I think this is possible but I have no idea how to accomplish this.  What I am trying to do is repeat a row.  If you look under, the second screenshot below line description column, you will see headers like Salaires & Wages.  They are always identified as LineSubSequence 0 and maybe this is the key.  Is there a way to make the Salaries and Wages go on every single line blow the subaccounts.


So it would look like this:


Salaries & Wages  
6005000000Productive Wages 
6005050000Productive Premium 
6025000000CTO Wages 
6025050000CTO_COB Payout 
6040000000Non-Productive Wages 
Salaries & Wages6005000000Productive Wages
Salaries & Wages6005050000Productive Premium
Salaries & Wages6025000000CTO Wages
Salaries & Wages6025050000CTO_COB Payout
Salaries & Wages6040000000Non-Productive Wages




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You have posted on the Microsoft Learn board which is all about exams, certification and training.
You might have better luck on the Power BI community board https://community.powerbi.com/
Terribly sorry. I posted it in that forum you suggested.