Power Automate - List rows in a table action cannot recognize table in excel sheet

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We are a team of developers. We are trying to create a power automate flow that is triggered from PowerApps. User uploads an excel file from PowerApps, the file content is passed to the flow as a parameter. 

Then we are using 'Create file' OneDrive action to save that file in the user's onedrive.

After that we are using an 'List rows in a table' action to get the rows from the excel file saved in OneDrive.

When the developer is triggering the flow form the canvas app it is working fine.

But when I'm trying to test it the 'List rows in a table' action is failing with the error 

"No table was found with the name 'Table1'" although I'm formatting the content as a table and the table name is Table1.
Can anyone share your thoughts if you have come across same issue?
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Have you looked at the actual file uploaded to onedrive, does it actually contain a worksheet named "Table1"? Did the upload overwrite an existing file? Is there another process/trigger that is running that could be doing something to the file like renaming or updating it? What troubleshooting steps have you gone thru to verify the file in onedrive actually has Table1, and what troubleshooting steps have you done to verify the actual document library, and file?