Power automate desktop flow for so creation on SAP LOGON

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Hello team


I was making one workflow for SAP LOGON (SO CREATION) using power automate.

i have used desktop recording also manually i have worked by giving step by step when I'm using populate text field in window it is not selecting the particular selectors it is taking the whole pane if i will continue with that at first it is running my flow successfully but after some time it is giving me an error and that is asking to select the ui element again.

why it is happend?

can anyone please suggest me to resolve the issue.


thank you!

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what is the goal of this program? @Ambica_challagolla9999 



To create one sales order in sap logon and need to run the loop for different values and finally after the flow it needs to be saved in excel format



Hi Ambica,

Did you find solution to your problem?

I'm facing similar issues in my effort to create purchase order in SAP using PAD, as inputs at times is not on the UI element (textbox) that I have selected. The overall behavior is inconsistent.

Just thought of checking if you got any ideas on this?


No i have uninstalled and reinstall those apps also still the same error.

are you using free trail or licensed power automate?