Per certification designed badges

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First Microsoft opted out from awesome Credly (awesome, as learners collected “all”  personal certifications in one place, no matter the vendor - easy to share the Credly profile link for various reasons)


And now you have quit creating “per certification branded badge”s, and only provide standard “Associate” & “Expert” badges with a “Learn diploma) showing the name of the certification “in text” (the new Fabric exam as example)


For us globally in roles like “Alliance Managers”, “Partner Managers”, driving and summarizing partners  excellence in the area of Microsoft + pushing with marketing us and Microsoft- this is bad!


Example on how we earlier are using the per certification badges



Is it just by mistake you have taken this path? Or is it just me and my learners that have missed where they can download per exam branded badges for newer certifications now?






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I fully agree with this. The badges for each certificate were very easy to clearly indicate which certificates you have obtained. I think it is a big miss that these badges are no longer used!