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Hi all, is it possible to forward emails received to specific users based on the content of the email. ie, if specific phrases or text are include in the body of the email, then forward to a user or group of users. 



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Hi Rob :) You can certainly do this with Power Automate and the AI builder connectors - have a look https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/ai-builder/
Thanks for the reply however I need a bit more detail on how to build it, are there any videos or examples I could follow
Sure Rob :) there are lots of flow templates available that you can leverage- try this one:


If you haven't used power automate at all before- this learning path is a great place to start:


Hi Ren, thank you for your help to date. I am making some headway but still struggling with a few points.

What I am ultimately trying to achieve is set up a workflow that enables an external email addressed to a distribution group email to be analyzed and subject to key words in the body of the email, forwarded to specific users.

As an example, I run a small finance business and we have a general email address being enquiries@, which is used by our customers when seeking details on their accounts etc. When a customer emails requesting to pay out their contract I want the work flow to look for specific words such as "pay out" and if found within the body of the email, have it automatically forwarded to a member of our collections team. I want to avoid having all the admin on the distribution list as they would get volumes of emails each day that are not relevant to them.

The issue I have run into is how to manage the categorize text section.


Any pointers would be hugely appreciated.



Hi Rob- sure :) that scenario should be totally possible. You can use the outlook connector to listen for a new email only to a specific address.

If you're looking for specific phrases that you define- rather that letting the AI sort out which words and phrases might be relevant to your category; you can use the 'html to text' action- rather than AI builder, then you can use the contains function on the resulting text to check for your phrase. Have a look at the below, which seemed to be a similar thing :)


If you have further questions- the power automate community (above) is a better place for help :)