Outlook Calendar Properties issue with Permissions to My Organ

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I have created 2 rooms on Office 365, using for book meetings in our boardroom and training room,

as an admin, I have access to their setting from Resource> Rooms & equipment, I added them into my Outlook Calender and can see the title and details of the booking,

the issue is:

1- I set My Organisation permission to ' Can view when I'm busy ', but it's not showing in other staff's Outlook Calendar! and the other thing is,

2- I don't have a Permission Level option for these two calendars on the properties! I just have the attached screenshot of the view from the permission tab! ( while I have the permission level for my own calendar. )

I searched and checked the setting on the exchange calendar, and log in with their email into outlook but still got the same properties of permissions!

I can add users one by one and give them limited access, but I want them to have access automatically when they add the room to their calendar as I defined in My Organasition's permission.

I appreciate your help in advance.

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I found this:
and did add the registry key into Regedit, now I have Permission level, but not a custom, and can't put view I'm busy anymore!